If you are a homeowner looking for ChimneySaver products, here’s a few things you need to know:

  • We do not sell direct to the general public, nor do our distributors.
  • ChimneySaver products are professional-grade products applied by chimney professionals
  • Our products come with extended warranties only valid when applied by a professional

Because of the unique and sometimes complicated nature of chimney problems, we have found that a chimney professional is the most qualified person to determine the cause and solution of most chimney problems. Many times, what seems to be an obvious problem from the outside, will end up being a hidden problem not obvious to untrained persons. Because we offer and stand behind our extended warranty program, we try our best to ensure that our products are applied correctly and in the right circumstances. While you may be able to find a chimney sweep professional that will sell you the products direct, keep in mind that the warranties will only be honored when applied by a professional.

You’ll need to contact your local professional chimney contractor. You can search our database to find a chimney sweep near you.

Call us at (800) 860-6327 and we can direct you to one of our distributors.

For windows, if you catch it soon enough, wash them with soap and water. Once ChimneySaver dries, it can permanently etch glass, so be careful that your windows are protected beforehand.

For roofs, while ChimneySaver overspray won’t harm the shingles, it may darken them. Over time this should lighten up, but once dry, it’s very difficult to remove. If the overspray is still wet, rinse with a hose. A high alkaline cleaner like Greased Lightning can be used to loosen the product, making it a little easier to remove.