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CrownSeal Trowelable Sealant

CrownSeal is a proprietary elastomeric coating that forms a flexible, waterproof membrane specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water intrusion. This thicker material can cover larger cracks in chimney crowns and is applied with a trowel.
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Permanently Flexible
  • No Bonding Agent Required
  • Natural Concrete/Mortar Look
  • Ready to Use
  • Environmentally Friendly

CrownPrep Masonry Crown Conditioner

ChimneySaver CrownPrep is a proprietary water-based acrylic conditioner. CrownPrep conditions and consolidates nearly all porous cement/mortar crown washes prior to application of products such as CrownSeal and CrownCoat. CrownPrep is used prior to application of CrownSeal, CrownCoat, and other water-based, mastic-type crown repair products.
  • Preps & Consolidates Existing Crowns
  • Improves Performance Of Repair Coatings
  • Easy Brush Application
  • Environmentally Friendly