Flexible waterproof coating for repairing severely cracked chimney crowns

CrownSeal is a proprietary elastomeric coating that forms a flexible, waterproof membrane specifically formulated to repair and protect chimney crowns from water intrusion. CrownSeal can also be used for a variety of horizontal and vertical exterior waterproofing applications. It dries to a natural, concrete mortar appearance. CrownSeal is a long lasting and durable coating that requires no mixing or special bonding agents.

Use on chimney corbels, the tops of masonry and parapet walls, or wherever a flexible waterproof membrane is needed. CrownSeal can be easily colored using standard mortar dye. It remains permanently flexible and carries a 10 year warranty.

Note: In seasons when temperatures may fall to 45 degrees and below after application, dry times of CrownSeal can be significantly increased. In seasons of cooler temperatures we recommend using Cold Weather CrownCoat as it can be applied in both warm and cold weather.

  •   10 Year Warranty
  •   Permanently Flexible
  •   No Bonding Agent Required
  •   Natural Concrete/Mortar Look
  •   Ready to Use
  •   Environmentally Friendly
  •   Coverage Rate: 14-18 sq. ft. per gallon at 1/8″ thickness, 7-9 sq. ft. at 1/4″ thickness
  •   Available Sizes: Two- and five-gallon pails
  •   Application Temperatures: Between 45° – 95° F. Do not apply if temperatures drop below 45 degrees within 24-72 hours. Use Cold Weather CrownCoat in these instances.
  •   Application Method: Trowel, 1/4″ square notch trowel and 4″ nylon paint brush
  •   Dry Time: 24-72 hours
  •   Cleanup: Remove excess CrownSeal with a stiff nylon scrub brush and water

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including quartz, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Size Approx. Weight Product Code UPC #
2 gal. pail 16 lbs. 300023 709057420020
5 gal. pail 38 lbs. 300025 709057420051
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