ACS Home & Hearth Cleaner

Removes smoke and soot stains from fireplace glass and hearths

ACS Home and Hearth Cleaner is a commercial strength citrus cleaner. It is a high alkalinity citrus detergent that effectively cuts through smoke and creosote. ACS Home and Hearth Cleaner removes smoke and creosote stains from fireplace glass, hearths, stoves, brick, stone, and more.

  •   Strong Cleaning Power
  •   Fresh Citrus Smell
  •   Safe for Routine Household Use
  •   Cuts Through Smoke and Creosote Stains on Masonry Surfaces
  •   Phosphate Free

ACS Home and Hearth Cleaner combines the natural cleaning power of citrus with strong cleaning agents to tackle most tough household cleaning jobs. It is also a great outdoor grill cleaner as well as a cleaner for clothing and equipment that may have smoke and soot on them.

This product also cleans walls, woodwork, kitchen surfaces and flooring, and leaves no streaks or film on surfaces. It provides a quick, easy way to clean anytime or anywhere and leaves a long lasting scent of fresh oranges.

  •   Available Sizes: 32 oz. recyclable plastic spray bottles
  •   Application Method: Spray onto surface
Size Approx. Weight Product Code UPC #
32 oz. spray bottle (case of 12) 30 lbs. 300204 709057350327
32 oz. spray bottle (master-pack of 12) 32 lbs. 300394 709057351324
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