ACS Gas Log Carbon & Soot Remover

Removes smoke and soot stains from fireplace glass and hearths

This product removes unsightly carbon and soot accumulation from gas logs. ACS Gas Log Carbon and Soot Remover disperses deposits instantly without damaging the logs.

  •   Keeps Gas Logs Clean
  •   Helps Prevent Black Carbon Accumulating In Firebox
  •   Non-Toxic
  •   Environmentally Safe
  •   Easy To Use

Just spray a light mist on the logs while they are burning hot. It’s the fastest and easiest way known to clean gas logs!

Not recommended for use on white or birch logs as manganese catalyst may cause yellowing.

  •   Weekly Use on Gas Logs: Burn approx. 30 min. then shut off and spray liberally
  •   Weekly Use on Firebox: Liberally spray on firebox while gas logs are still burning
  •   Available Sizes: 1 pint (16 oz.) recyclable plastic containers
  •   Application Method: Spray bottle
  •   Limitations: Only use on hot logs, do not use on white logs, including ‘birch’ logs
  •   Cleaning Spills: Use hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of white vinegar
  •   Uses: Cleans smoke and creosote stains off gas logs.
  •   Note: not for use on white birch logs.
Size Approx. Weight Product Code UPC #
16oz. spray bottle (case of 12) 14 lbs. 300003 709057390163
16oz. spray bottle (master-pack of 12) 16 lbs. 300395 709057392167
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