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November 2013 Paint “N” Peel Contest

1st Place Winner

Fireplace Solutions by the Chimney Sweeper

Van Nuys, CA

Terrific added on sale. The ease of use and the results are fantastic. We feel confident when we suggest this product to our clients, that it does exactly what it says it will.

2nd Place Winner

Boggs Chimney Service

Stockport, OH

3rd Place Winner

Crown Chimney

Hookset, NH

We went out on a limb and told them about this new product (not really sure if it would work) that could remove the unsightly mess. After the job was completed the customer was amazed and just keep thanking us for doing what no one else could. This product is amazing!

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention

The Chimney Doctors
Milwaukee, WI

Honorable Mention

Albert the Chimney Sweep
Valparaiso, IN

We did a sweep and Heat Shield joint repair, tuck pointing and Chimney saver application. The customer insisted we, by sweeping the fireplace, made the fire box black. By using Paint N’ Peal in two applications I was able to make the couple happy by “fixing our mistake” when sweeping their fireplace. Once again Saver Systems comes through with a product that helps sweeps out of a jam!

Honorable Mention

American Chimney & Masonry
Cincinnati, OH

The product was easy to use and the homeowner was very pleased with the results. It was definitely a success!

Honorable Mention

Nickos Chimney Company
Latrobe, PA

We told our customers about the new Paint “N” Peel Fireplace Cleaner and they were willing to give it a try. It took several applications of painting and peeling, but the customers were happy with the end result.

Honorable Mention

The Clean Sweep
Oakley, CA

Paint “N” Peel is truly a great product as is all the Saver products, they make huge dollars for me everyday.

Honorable Mention

Rebling Chimney Service
Brighton, IA

This is a product that does exactly what it says it will do. It’s pretty easy to put on and if put on thick enough, easy to pull off. I pulled stains out of a brick face that were 15+ years old. It made me look like a hero to my customer. :) Thanks for that. I’m definitely a believer and would and do recommend this product to others.

Honorable Mention

Curtis Chimney & Hearth
Grantsville, MD

We were asked by a local real estate company to try to do something with the smoke stains above one of the fireplaces in a rental home. We were quite pleased with the results!

Honorable Mention

E. Liverman Chimney Company
Newton, MA

Call it “magic paste” … Big difference between before and after. Customer very pleased.

Honorable Mention

Leonard & Sons
Algonquin, IL

I would say this product works pretty good.

Honorable Mention

Lindemann Chimney Service
Lake Bluff, IL

Honorable Mention

Gallagher’s Chimney Service
Folsom, PA

When the customer asked what we could do to clean up the front of the fireplace after she tried using detergents that didn’t work, I told her a new product had just come out, and she was willing to be our first customer for this. After a bit of surprise at what it looked like before peeling it off, our customer was very, very pleased with the result! ¬†Another happy customer is always great.

Honorable Mention

Lindemann Chimney Service
Lake Bluff, IL

Honorable Mention

E. Liverman Chimney Co.
Newton, MA

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